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Can you solve the Weihenstephaner quiz?

Can you solve the Weihenstephaner quiz?

 The Weihenstephaner is the oldest brewery in existence.
 I am an apostel to inform the Weihenstephaner Beers in Korea.
 If you think you are a Weihensteohaner mania, solve these quizzes.

  •  The total number of test items is 10 and each score is 10 points
  •  The test time is unlimited.
  •  You can seach to solve the problem.
  •  I hope you enjoyed this test.

1. What kind of beer is suitable for the beer glass below?

1) Hefeweissbier
2)  Kristallweizen
3) Original Lager
4) Vitus (Weizen bock)
5) Pilsner

2. The history of Weihenstephaner began at the Benedictine monastery. Who made the monastery of Weihenstephaner?

1) St. Korbinian
2) St. Vitus
3) St. Apostel
4) St. Pauli

3. Find the wrong answer from the following questions.

1) The Weihenstephner was chosen as the Royal Beer of Monaco Grimaldi Palace by Prince Albert of Monaco.
2) The Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier recorded a top rated A / 4.30 in beer Advocate.
3) Bavarian National Weihenstephaner Brewery is the oldest brewery in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
4) The Weihenstephaner Brewery won 12 medals for the third consecutive year at the World Beer Awards.

4. Choose the wrong description of the beer in the picture below.

1) It is Hefeweissbeer of Weihenstepher.
2) It is German authentic wheat beer.
3) It can be purchased from at least 500ml bottles.
4) 4. The banana flavor comes from beer.
5) It is a beer made by top fermentation.

5. Alcohol content in the Baines Stefan beer Choose the order.

1) Vitus < Hefeweiss dunkel < Korbinian
2) Hefeweissbeer < Vitus < Korbinian
3) Pilsner < Original Lager < Hefeweissbeer
4) Hefeweissbeer = Kristallweizen < Vitus
5) Hefeweiss dunkel < Pilsner < Original Lager

6. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

1) Bavarian style Dunkle with harmonious and deep balance : Hefeweiss dunkel
2) Crystal wheat beer like premium champaign : Kristallweizen bock
3) Bavarian authentic lager with floral scent : Original Lager
4) Germany Authentic Weissen Bock Beer : Vitus
5) Transparent golden authentic German Pilsner

[7-9] Video Quiz
Look at the video below to solve these Quizzes.

7. A lot of ingredients are not required to produce good beer. Fresh spring water, wild barley malt, pure hops, and OO. Choose the correct word for OO.

1) Passion
2) Technology
3) Experience
4) Affection
5) Time

8. Beer OO always precedes quantity. Choose the correct word for OO.

1. Quality
2. Zest
3. Dignity
4. Price
5. Expiration date

9. Choose the wrong description for the beer in the photo.

1) The total is 8.32 liters.
2) There are 12 types.
3) There are 4 bottles of 330ml and 11 bottles of 500ml.
4) Hefeweissbeer and Kristallweissen has an alcohol content of 5.4%.
5) The beer at the far right is Oktoberfest Beer.

10. Which of the following countries has the highest sales of Baines Stefan?

1) Korea
2) Japan
3) China

Check the correct answer.

1. The correct answer is 4. (Vitus)

2. The correct answer is 5. (St. Korbinian)

3. The correct answer is 4. (The Weihenstephaner Brewery won 9 medals for the third consecutive year at the World Beer Awards.)

4. The correct answer is 3. (It can be purchased from bottles of at least 330ml.)

5. The correct answer is 4. (Hefeweissbeer = Kristallweizen < Vitus)

6. The correct answer is 2. (It is an explanation of Kristallweizen)

7. The correct answer is 3. (Experience)

8. The correct answer is 1. (Quality)

9. The correct answer is 3. (There are 3 bottles of 330ml bottles and 11 bottles of 500ml bottles.)

10. The correct answer is 1. (Korea)
(Macus Englet, Vice President, said "Currently, Korea is the number one player in sales of Weihenstephan in Asia, We plan to produce and supply more variety and good beer for Korea")