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Hani of EXID has been seen on New York recently.

"225th → 1st place" ... NU'EST W's Life Reverse.

"225th → 1st place" ... NU'EST W's Life Reverse.

225th to top of the list, "life reversal" would be just like this.

NU'EST W announced a special single "if you" on various music sites at 6 pm on the 25th. 'If You' is not only the top of the chart immediately after the release of music, but also ranked on the top of various charts until the morning of 26th, proving the popularity of NU'EST W.

It is literally 'life reversal'. NU'EST 's last love song, "Love Paint", released last year, has scored a poor record of 225th in the first entry after the release of the music. Their first entry was unbelievably low. On the edge of a precipice, NU'EST stopped working and returned to the status as an apprentice and joined Mnet 'Produce 101 Season 2'. And their lives have changed by 180 degrees. On Friday, he built his reputation on the prime time variety shows, and the music skill he built up during his group activities shown. Naturally their popularity has also increased.

After the end of 'Produce 101 Season 2', four members of NU'EST, except Hwang Min Hyun who joined Wanna One, are ready for comeback again. NU'EST W also did not hide the overwhelming heart to fans who loved the new song.

On the other hand, NU'EST W's "If You" is the first new song of the NU'EST W(JR, Aaron, Backho, Ren, except for Min Hyun who joined Wann One) as a special single before the regular comeback in the second half. This new song 'If you' written by Kagan is a song that contains a lonely nostalgia.