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Lee Jong-seok's military service, GD ·Taeyang(sun) 'YG military advisor'

Lee Jong-seok's military service, GD ·Taayang(sun) 'YG military advisor'

Along with the news of Lee Jong - seok 's army, YG Entertainment is also attracting attention from the entertainers' participation schedule.
On August 28, actor Lee Jong-seok was informed that he was notified of his admission on August 10th. Related parties are also cautious about the issue.
Lee Jong Suk is a member of YG Entertainment and has established itself as the next wave Korean star by selling KBS2 'School 2013', SBS 'Your voice can be heard', 'Doctor Gentile', 'Pinocchio', MBC 'W'. The performance fee is also known as top A rating. Among the actors who belong to YG Entertainment, it is the reason why it is regarded as a good seller.
In addition to Lee Jong-seok, big bang G-dragon and sun are attracting interest in YG Entertainment. The dragon and sun were born in 1988, one year older than Lee Jong - seok. Given that male entertainers are usually 29 years old if they do not finish their military service early, G - Dragon and Sun, born in 1988, are expected to join the military this year. The Big Bang top, born in 1987, joined the army me in February this year.
In the JTBC 'News Room' in June 2015, G-Dragon announced that "I will go military when it's time to go." In an interview with Big Bang new album release last December, "If we do not sign a new contract with YG Entertainment, I consider to serve military simultaneously togather"he said.
However, G-dragon goes on a solo world tour in the second half of this year, and sun also goes on a Japan tour. The time of G-Dragon and the Sun's enlistment was not yet known. In the securities market, "YG Entertainment's 2Q earnings are below market expectations, but G-Dragon's Japanese dome tour and solar tour will be earnings momentum in the third quarter. It is expected to cause a lot of damage, their absence.
In addition to these, Yoo Hyuk Lee, a model actor who signed a contract with YG Entertainment in March of this year, is also planning to join the military in 1988. He is also a musician, but he was born in 1996, but he joined the army last year because he volunteered for a quick enlistment. Lee Chan-hyuk has expressed the desire to enlist the marines and airborne units.