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Hani of EXID has been seen on New York recently.

Not safe for you, a joke said by exo on Knowing Bros.

Not safe for you, a joke said by exo on Knowing Bros.

'아는 형님' 엑소 / 사진=JTBC '아는 형님' 엑소 캡처

EXO met with Knowing Bros and exploded the audience properly. Exo appeared on JTBC 'Knowing Brothers', which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 22nd. EXO was not ordinary since its appearance. They introduced their character, "We are psychics." EXO Baek Hyun said, "I am a big fan of 'Knowing Bros.' Every week I watch it, and at the concert, I wrote the buzzword '싸펑피펑 Sapeong Peong'." Exo then boasted their abilities. Especially called "Christian Dio", Dio was loved by Bros because of his ability to attach mobile phone screen film. Kai revealed his chocolate abs and called Lee Soo-geun's jealousy. Sehun challenged Seo Jung Hoon to play basketball.Seo Jang - hoon made his goal post with his long arm. However, Sehun scored two points to Seo Jung-hoon and made the members startled. When Baekyun came out with the word "girlfriend", he said, "I am sensitive to such that problem." Even after that, he was sensitive to love stories. Exo showed up to the NSFY talking. Baek Hyun "Sehun’s body is definitely not to saying. Speaking with the saying, he’s nose is large.(Korean myth believing that the larger nose a person has, the larger something.)”. In the meantime, Sehun said, "Please, don’t cut from the editing."