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How to grill Korean pork belly BBQ (삼겹살 구이 Sam-gyep-sal) delicious, GRAVY!

How to grill Korean pork belly BBQ (삼겹살 구이  Sam-gyep-sal-gu-ee) delicious, GRAVY!

How to enjoy Korean pork belly BBQ? (삼겹살 구이: Sam-gyep-sal-gu-ee)

Hello, Guys, It's Brown Korea and Pkun Cat's eating lab.
Today, we will gonna learn "What is different Korean BBQ style" and "How to grill it."
It's important. Korean BBQ style is totally different from any other countries'

If you visit Korea, you may embarrass all Korean people grill BBQ themselves in pork or beef restaurant.

It's special culture that chef serves only marinated or not pink meat for visitors. Food qualities of Restaurants are mainly estimated by this and side menu. You might think it's weird, but it is really important. If you visit and taste it, you will recognize it. This way you can find if the pork or beef is fresh or not, marbled well or not. And you can eat immediately it baked. Also, you can choose the way of baking or seasoning on your appetite such as well-done, medium (Rare is not proper. Because of Korean butcher's thick cutting.)

Anyway, How to grill it? Many Korean people are experts on grilling this. If you don't have Korean friends, actually, It is better to choose any other options. There are many Korean foods not offering you to bake it yourself. Or you can easily find kind 사장님(Sa-jang-nim, the chef and usually also the owner of the restaurant) bake for you guys, foreigners. However, check this way and you can learn what you acquire to bake it delicious. Let's be the master chef of baking it.

Korean BBQ is not same BBQs you are eating in your back home countries. Yes, we use a flat iron for baking. There are tables with these flat irons planted when you come inside of the pork restaurant. Yes, you will bake pink meats on it. And under this, you can see charcoal fire(숯불, Sut-bul) or gas burner. You might figure out the medium measure of searing, baking, frying.

The key to making grilling pork belly is to pick good meat first.
The good pork belly meat has white fat and dazzling pink lean meat with clear boundaries between both. Great meat will show you a little fluid fat on the knife when you chop it. GRAVY!

And it is also important to keep pork bellies' gravy. By only turn the meat two time, meat holds their juicy gravy. (It still depends on the meat's thickness.) When you buy pork belly and make it Korean BBQ in your home, You should buy what a butcher did not cut. Because we need GRAVY!

Turning meat frequently is not good. Because the pork's gravy juice spits out. By using herbs, seasonings such as salts or herb salt(허브솔트) sesames(깨) etc, This can help
to remove pork bellies' pungent smell. But almost all of the Korean restaurants and food supplying systems keep their clean and fresh meat serving systems. You can also choose not season for yours.

How do I know when it's ready, it's the crisp golden translucent color of it.
Of course, you can choose what will you do next. You can dip it in mustard sauce or curry sauce or Sam-Jang(쌈장). And also you can choose the way of SSam(쌈) that you can cover your meat in the many delicious greens. I prefer to eat without any sauce and greens or with a little bit of salt.

After eating pork belly, There are many kinds of veggies and salads you can choose.
Next time I'll tell you about these Korean greens.