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'Manhole', 4-person 4-color poster revealed. it'll be 4 men oddballs

'Manhole', 4-person 4-color poster revealed. it'll be 4 men oddballs

From 셀트리온 엔터테인먼트

KBS2 newest Wednesday-Thursday Drama 'Manhole - Pil from wonderland (less than a manhole)' has released a character poster featuring Kim Jae Joong, UEE, Jung Hye Sung and Baro.

'Manhole' is a drama about the story of Bong Pil (Kim Jae-joong) out of work who accidentally falls into a manhole and goes time traveling.

Kim Jaejoong plays the character of Bong Pil who exhibits his unique presence. He is a time traveller who can go back and forth past and present. Sujin (UEE), who has been secretly loved for 28 years by him, is about getting married. And Bong Pil heard that and got disappointed, suddenly falling into a manhole and starts time traveling. In the poster, Kim Jae Joong get a sullen face. The mention that 'Do you think you can safely marry with a jerk without me?' arouses curiosity.

UEE, who plays Sujin, captivates with her innocent look. In the copy 'Will you come to my wedding? You are my friend, aren’t you?" You can see how the relationship between Bong Pil and Sujin is going on.

'Manhole' will be broadcast on August 9th following 'Queen for Seven Days'