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Seoul National Cemetery with Weeping Cherry Blossoms Event and the Best places to see weeping cherry blossoms in Korea

Yearly repeated in April, the Seoul National Cemetery holds the weeping cherry blossom event within its full bloom and offering various opportunities for sightseeing and activities.

The pink cherry blossoms have for the foreigner a magical influence it looks so majestic and mystic as well like a fascinating waterfall of pink blossoms unlike in the western countries the cherry trees are simply looking like every other fruit tree and the blossoms are commonly white.

For the Koreans, the weeping cherry blossom tree means patriotism and the hanging branches seems like to bow in respect to the soldiers and martyrs, who fought for the country.

Each year in the spring end of March until mid-April the event is held by the Seoul national cemetery.

There are over a hundred different species of weeping trees. Some trees, like the cherry, have a variety of weeping varieties. Weeping cherry has branches that fall like those of a weeping willow, carrying cascade of pink flowers.

Cherry blossom forecast for South Korea in 2018 The best way to see those beautiful warming cherry blossom trees is to travel in the cherry blossom spring season from late March to mid-April.

The Korean Meteorological Administration will release the official cherry blossom forecast beginning March each year as well for 2018. To estimate the best date for planning the travel and to know when the cherry blossom bloom, because it depends on the region, have a look at the expected dates for the specific regions for 2017:

Jeju Island: March 23 - 30, full bloom on March 23 Busan/Daegu: March 26 - April 2 full bloom on March 26 Gwangju: March 29 - April 5 full bloom on March 29 Seoul: April 6 - 13 full bloom on April 6 Incheon: April 9 - 15 full bloom on April 9