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Hani of EXID has been seen on New York recently.

Moon café In Bukchon Hanok Village

Moon café Coffee Shop In Bukchon Hanok Village shows a good example of fusion culture.

Now, it has become my favorite place.
It's Moon café in Bukchon Hanok Village.

The weather is so good today,
So, I decided to work at the cafe.

This view took by me as soon as I got inside. Do you know the Hanok?
That structure was a good embodiment of Hanok, traditional house of Korea.

And it has the modern disposition of seats.

It is good. It feels like the East and the West crossover as well. I like it. :)

The outside seats were took part from inside in order of use for a meeting.

This is inside seats, it has warm tone.

I'm going to stay foot here.

So, I came in and sat down:D

There were kind clerks.

Today, my kind brother offered to help my tasks of my company.(?!)

The truth, I talk him into coming here, the best place of dessert cafe in Seoul. He is a picky eater.T_T

I arrived in the middle of the day. But time went really fast. :(

I think It's because I was being in the mood of the cafe.

I want to live in this modern hanok later, but the construction cost is not a joke.

Seriously, This posting is about my work?

No !!!

And now, let's move to the dessert posting.
(Would you like to go to a real dessert place? It has changed words but, it was also proper to its context.)

Various drinks and desserts including waffles and ice water

Strawberry Yogurt Waffle + Jar Green Tea Ice Cream is the best combination. T_T

I was so thirsty so that I was forced to pay for the smoothies and waffles. :(

Bukchon Hanok Village Moon Cafe

Strawberry yogurt waffle is really perfect.

It is more delicious when the strawberry is in season.

I put a cream on strawberries and then, I put a sugar dressing and I put strawberries again. It called Strawberries fresh cream of strawberries.♥

If you eat a waffle dipping in it or putting a strawberry on the waffle, It amazes you.

You'll find it every time you are craving such a  sweet thing :D

I like the day. Dessert was also delicious ♪

I don't need any other dessert if I have this and ice flakes jar.

You can find it in a previous posting.

Bukchon Hanok Village Moon Cafe. It is enough to enjoy yourself.

I'm going to consider that who will come with me here next. ♬

It is a beautiful hanok which becomes more beautiful after dusk.

This is why Hanok Cafe has a charm that can not be broken.

Suddenly, I was moved to a hanok village walk.

I often come to Bukchon but it is the first time I come at night. It's totally different. :)

This is where the goblin comes out and I feel a mysterious atmosphere.

I arrived at the famous photo spot at the top of Hanok Village!

If it was a day, this lens would be enough.

I would like to take a picture that is wide open :(

The last hanok I met on the way down.

The hanok, which has the charm and wisdom of its ancestors, is beautiful at all times.

Bukchon which was perfect because day and night look different. ♪

On a sunny day, you should leave your home and come here once. ♥